The Beatles - Let It Be

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  1. Two of Us (3:35)
  2. Dig a Pony (3:49)
  3. Across the Universe (3:46)
  4. I Me Mine (2:26)
  5. Dig It (0:49)
  6. Let It Be (4:01)
  7. Maggie Mae (0:39)
  8. I've Got a Feeling (3:34)
  9. One After 909 (2:50)
  10. The Long and Winding Road (3:39)
  11. For You Blue (2:28)
  12. Get Back (3:08)

Apple, 1970

The Beatles' unofficial final album before breaking up is a patchy affair, thrown together from various odds and ends. Semi-live and fairly stripped down, apart from the odd Phil Spector orchestration, it has a few decent songs, but a lot of casual arsing around. Paul's ballad "Let it Be" is nice and slushy, as is "The Long and Winding Road", but overlooked tracks include "I've Got a Feeling", "I Me Mine", and George's squeaky "For You Blue". John's smooth "Across the Universe" is a lush piece of hippy stargazing.

Fans might think it's underrated, but this is well down the list of Beatles stuff for casual listeners to check out. The recently-released "naked" version, stripped of Spector's production gloop, is by all accounts more palatable.

July 3, 2004

6 out of 10

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