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  1. Army Of Me (3:54)
  2. Hyper-Ballad (5:21)
  3. The Modern Things (4:10)
  4. It's Oh So Quiet (3:38)
  5. Enjoy (3:57)
  6. You've Been Flirting Again (2:29)
  7. Isobel (5:47)
  8. Possibly Maybe (5:06)
  9. I Miss You (4:03)
  10. Cover Me (2:06)
  11. Headphones (5:40)

One Little Indian, 1995

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I remember thinking this was weird and left-field when it came out. Well it is in comparison to "Debut", but listening to it now it sounds fresh and contemporary. The producer partner this time was Tricky, who infused the album with dark, bubbling beats and basslines. (I really must get "Maxinquaye" at some point.) Although it's not as sunny or optimistic as "Debut", it's still amazingly varied and eclectic.

A definite stroke of genius is the breathlessly screwed-up Hyper-Ballad, with its "car parts, bottles and cutlery". The orchestra-washed "Isobel" is another particularly powerful song, segueing beautifully with the strings from the previous track "You've Been Flirting Again". "Army of Me" is a great punchy start with some sneering basslines. The chilled trip-hop of "Possibly Maybe" is followed by some itchy Latin-fuelled pop on "I Miss You". Björk's love of harps, harpsichords and glittery noises is indulged in the slightly eerie "Cover Me", before the album lulls us to sleep with the minimalist ambient "Headphones".

Although I can never hear the camp show-tune "It's Oh So Quiet" now without thinking of Dawn French's parody...

December 5, 2003

8 out of 10

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