Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost

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  1. Wind-tales (1:01)
  2. Which Way The Wind Blows (5:53)
  3. Henry - Portraits From Tudor Times (12:16)
  4. God If I Saw Her Now (4:13)
  5. Chinese Mushroom Cloud (0:46)
  6. The Geese And The Ghost (15:44)
  7. Collections (3:06)
  8. Sleepfall / The Geese Fly West (4:34)
  9. Master Of Time (7:48)

Virgin, 1977

"Meander" is an over-used word in reviews for music that doesn't do very much, but it seems particularly appropriate for this album. Anthony Phillips was the original guitarist in Genesis, leaving after their second album "Trespass". This is like the more subdued moments in "Trespass", but is subdued nearly all the way through. It just ripples and flows along, with lots of 12-string guitar and quiet acoustic instruments. And meanders. It's mostly instrumental, but Phil Collins sings on a couple of tracks. There's a very English, rural feel to everything, in a restrained, comfortable kind of way. Phillips seems to have churned out a huge amount of material since, a lot of which is available on, but this doesn't tempt me to check it out.

November 16, 2003

5 out of 10

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