Gentle Giant - In A Glass House

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  1. The Runaway (7:11)
  2. An Inmates Lullaby (4:39)
  3. Way Of Life (8:04)
  4. Experience (7:50)
  5. A Reunion (2:12)
  6. In A Glass House (8:09)

Phonogram, 1973

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The breaking glass sound effects that start this album remind me of the noises from Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" from the same year - I don't know which came first. I mean the clocks and cash registers in "Time" and "Money" - it's like, yes, I know it's got glass in the title, I get the idea!

Overall, it's the least impressive of their albums from this period. "An Inmate's Lullaby" is the most memorable piece, with a delicate collage of tuned percussion and interweaving vocal lines. With its not-too-subtle lyrics, it might be a little too pretty to conjure the appropriate paranoid and claustrophobic atmosphere of a mental hospital. One other notable moment is the strong rocking unison theme in the second half of "Experience". Apart from that it's the usual baroque, folk tinged twiddling and twining, but without the musical strength of "Octopus" or "Free Hand".

September 19, 2003

6 out of 10

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