Marillion - Radiation

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  1. Costa Del Slough (1:27)
  2. Under The Sun (4:13)
  3. The Answering Machine (3:48)
  4. Three Minute Boy (5:59)
  5. Now She'll Never Know (4:58)
  6. These Chains (4:49)
  7. Born To Run (5:11)
  8. Cathedral Wall (7:20)
  9. A Few Words For The Dead (10:50)

Castle, 1998

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A more light-hearted album with mainly short, straight rock songs. This was a chance for them to experiment with different sounds and production techniques. The actual songs aren't really that great, merely listenable. The lyrics about the ozone layer and global warming are rather dated and cheesy, even in 1998! Although the gentle ballad "Now She'll Never Know" is pleasing.

I'd only recommend this to fans, rather than to people wanting a taste of what up to date Marillion are like. They're on their best form when they actually take a bit more time and care over the songwriting (e.g. "Brave").

July 18, 2003

6 out of 10

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