Pink Floyd - Pulse

Album cover

    disc 1

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (13:35)
  2. Astronomy Domine (4:20)
  3. What Do You Want From Me (4:09)
  4. Learning To Fly (5:15)
  5. Keep Talking (6:52)
  6. Coming Back To Life (6:56)
  7. Hey You (4:39)
  8. A Great Day For Freedom (4:30)
  9. Sorrow (10:49)
  10. High Hopes (7:52)
  11. Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) (7:07)

    disc 2

  1. Speak To Me (2:30)
  2. Breathe (2:33)
  3. On the Run (3:47)
  4. Time (6:46)
  5. The Great Gig in the Sky (5:52)
  6. Money (8:54)
  7. Us and Them (6:57)
  8. Any Colour You Like (3:21)
  9. Brain Damage (3:46)
  10. Eclipse (2:37)
  11. Wish You Were Here (6:35)
  12. Comfortably Numb (9:29)
  13. Run Like Hell (8:36)

EMI, 1995

This live double CD had far too much packaging, compared to the amount of original content! A big clunky over-designed box within a box, whose first versions came with a blinking red LED on the spine which lasted for several months. Being a record of their two year world tour, the bloatedness of the presentation is faithful to the style of their massive multimedia stadium concerts. They're having a lot more fun than they did in 1987, as Rick Wright was now a full member of the band again, and they managed to write a few decent songs on "Division Bell". However the live performances here are not distinctive enough for this album to warrant repeated listening. Syd Barrett's "Astronomy Domine", the very first track from their very first album in 1967, was a welcome surprise. As was the complete Dark Side of the Moon performance. But these concerts were largely predictable and unimaginative, for example they always ended with the same three songs as they did in the 1987 tour, done in the same way. To their credit, they pleased millions of fans and raked in unfeasible amounts of cash.

July 12, 2003

6 out of 10

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