Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

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  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1) (13:44)
  2. Welcome To The Machine (8:28)
  3. Have A Cigar (6:10)
  4. Wish You Were Here (6:24)
  5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 2) (18:57)

bootleg, 1977

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This Recording of Indeterminate Origin consists of an end-to-end performance of the "Wish You Were Here" album recorded during the Animals tour of 1977 in Madison Square Garden, New York. Of course they're playing stadiums now, and the constant background crowd noise makes me sympathise with Roger for hawking in an annoying kid's face at their Montreal gig on this tour. It's decent sound quality though, and a reasonable performance of the album that was Floyd's finest moment, although the studio recording has far more power. They can't really go wrong with "Shine On" part 1, Dave shines here with some sensitive guitar soloing. We'll excuse him one wrong note on *that* riff. The weak and flat singing, from both Gilmour and Waters, lets "Welcome to the Machine" down, although "Have a Cigar" was made to play live. "Wish You Were Here" has a mellow electric piano solo from Wright at the end. On "Shine On part 2", Gilmour noodles around too much in an effort to make the build-up jam more varied, and it loses some of the drive of the studio version. The extended jam later on in this piece works well though.

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May 6, 2004

8 out of 10

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