The Enid - The Spell

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  1. Winter "The Key" (8:31)
  2. Spring (6:50)
  3. Summer (13:44) (lyrics)
  4. Autumn "Veni Creator Spiritus" (9:48)
  5. Elephants Never Die (5:14) (lyrics)
  6. The Sentimental Side Of Mrs James (3:13) (lyrics)
  7. The Song Of Fand (19:03)

Mantella, 1985

Possibly the Enid's most listenable album, and the most accessible to newcomers. Here they seem comfortable with their new style of mixing vocal songs with their usual classical/romantic keyboard instrumentals. Winter and Autumn are grandiose synth-orchestral pieces, with a theme nicked from Wagner's "Parsifal". "Spring" is more upbeat, an interesting twisted waltz. After starting of with more orchestral synth musings, Summer" turns into a broad and catchy song, with a searing guitar solo from Steve Stewart. "Elephants Never Die" is an odd mishmash of the "Dies Irae" theme, vocal histrionics and vaguely Latin rhythms. The songs have the usual impenetrable lyrics, combining the album's nature / seasons theme with Robert Godfrey's personal spirituality.

Incidentally I thought these guys were ultra obscure, but one day I was singing "The Sentimental Side of Mrs. James" (a Lloyd-Webber style ballad!) in my student bedroom, when a few minutes later I heard the guy next door (who I'd never seen, never mind spoken to) put the damn track on and shove up the volume! Don't know whether that was a sign of camaraderie or a hint to shut up, but I guess he was just as surprised as me.

"Fand" is a live version of their favourite, to fill up the CD.

May 14, 2003

8 out of 10

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