Cocteau Twins - Victorialand

Album cover

  1. Lazy Calm (6:27)
  2. Fluffy Tufts (3:02)
  3. Throughout the Dark Months of April and May (3:02)
  4. Whales Tails (3:14)
  5. Oomingmak (2:39)
  6. Little Spacey (3:23)
  7. Feet-like Fins (3:23)
  8. How to Bring a Blush to the Snow (3:46)
  9. The Thinner the Air (3:12)

4AD, 1986

The Cocteaus' usual other-worldly atmospherics have a definite undersea coral-reef feel this time, enhanced by the fishy song titles and the cover art. The music is minimally produced, but has an unmistakeable sound world. "Lazy Calm" begins with a haunting sax, continuing into the soaring song. Their genius for interweaving vocal melodies with chiming guitar patterns stands out on tracks like "Little Spacey", "Oomingmak" and "Fluffy Tufts". Little splashes of atmosphere like "Feet-Like Fins" and "The Thinner the Air" add colour to this short album.

August 12, 2003

7 out of 10

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