The Sundays - Blind

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  1. I Feel (4:04)
  2. Goodbye (4:40)
  3. Life and Soul (2:36)
  4. More (2:40)
  5. On Earth (2:21)
  6. God Made Me (4:43)
  7. Love (4:30)
  8. What Do You Think (3:56)
  9. 24 Hours (3:25)
  10. Blood On My Hands (3:39)
  11. Medicine (3:42)

Parlophone, 1992

The Sundays followed up their gorgeous debut "Reading, Writing and Arithmetic" by basically giving us more of the same style. Harriet Wheeler's helium-fuelled vocals are as wide-ranging and assured as ever, and the soft spangly guitars still give an attractive backdrop. But on the whole, "Blind" doesn't have as much creative spark as its predecessor. There's confident and strong songwriting here, such as "Goodbye" and "Love", but there's also a greater proportion of filler. They also dabble in more Cocteau Twins-style "ethereal" here, like "24 Hours" and "Life and Soul", which has a pretty sound, but there's less of substance to grasp on to.

August 4, 2004

6 out of 10

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