Orbital - Snivilisation

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  1. Forever (7:59)
  2. I Wish I Had Duck Feet (4:05)
  3. Sad But True (7:49)
  4. Crash And Carry (4:43)
  5. Science Friction (5:04)
  6. Philosophy By Numbers (6:39)
  7. Kein Trink Wasser (9:24)
  8. Quality Seconds (1:25)
  9. Are We Here? (15:33)
  10. Attached (12:25)

Sire, 1994

The bleeps and beats on this strong electronic album place it slightly further on the scale towards danceable techno than ambient composition. Even so, it has more than enough offbeat inventiveness to make it interesting, and enough mellow floaty sounds to make it pleasing on the ear. Tracks worthy of mention include "Sad but True" and "Are We Here" featuring slinky vocal contributions from Alison Goldfrapp, the bubbling piano loops of "Kein Trink Wasser" and the floaty extended final track.

September 1, 2003

8 out of 10

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