Porcupine Tree - Signify

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  1. Bornlivedie (1:42)
  2. Signify (3:26)
  3. Sleep of No Dreaming (5:24)
  4. Pagan (1:34)
  5. Waiting Phase One (4:24)
  6. Waiting Phase Two (6:15)
  7. Sever (5:30)
  8. Idiot Prayer (7:37)
  9. Every Home Is Wired (5:09)
  10. Intermediate Jesus (7:29)
  11. Light Mass Prayers (4:28)
  12. Dark Matter (8:59)

Delerium, 1996

The most polished and coherent of their "space rock" albums. The last one before they branched out into an individual "intelligent pop" style, "Signify" still has one foot in the psychedelic sound world of Pink Floyd. However Steven Wilson and co.'s songwriting is stronger than it had ever been. Songs like the tortured "Sleep of No Dreaming", the melancholy "Waiting" and the angular "Sever" are held together by some fluent spaced instrumentals. An early Internet gives the context for some more lyrics of psychological angst in "Every Home is Wired".

August 11, 2003

8 out of 10

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