St. Vincent - Marry Me

Album cover

  1. Now, Now (4:25)
  2. Jesus Saves, I Spend (3:56)
  3. Your Lips Are Red (4:41)
  4. Marry Me (4:41)
  5. Paris Is Burning (4:20)
  6. All My Stars Aligned (3:47)
  7. The Apocalypse Song (3:47)
  8. We Put A Pearl In The Ground (1:10)
  9. Landmines (5:07)
  10. Human Racing (3:48)
  11. What Me Worry (3:56)


St. Vincent is the stage name of singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist Annie Clark. The popping-eyed cover photo and ironically-inviting title of her debut beckon us into her world of sideways-looking, slightly jaded but still bright and jazzy pop. It grabs the attention with some very busy, colourful rock-cabaret arrangements, and a quirky backing chorus that keep chipping in. On the strong opener "Now Now" she chastises her mistreaters while punning on her name, to an endearing choppy rhythm. "Jesus Saves, I Spend" sets some peculiar imagery to a breezy barbershop-style backing. It does veer towards rather too smooshy a cabaret-lounge style on occasion but avoids it with regular bursts of energy, like the light-footed jazz of "Human Racing". The clear highlight is "Your Lips Are Red", which reels off repetitive body-parts wordplay to some shockingly inventive music, booming bassline and choppy guitars that it's not too much of a stretch to call prog-rock.

August 30, 2008

7 out of 10

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